Enterprise values

· Sustainable development
United Elevator upholds the philosophy of integrity business and mutual benefit with operators as well as adheres sustainable development with equality and order. Continuous innovation, keeping vitality, building famous enterprise of hundred years of history.

· Protect the green ecological environment
Ecological environmental protection is not just a slogan, but a kind of responsibility. United Elevator’s strict selection and specification process with the concept of green ecology has been making effort for ecological environment.

· Balance of product quality and security protection
Product quality is the guaranty for the sustainable development of enterprises. United Elevator always put product quality at first place, endeavored for excellence of secure carrying.

· Enterprise’s sustainable culture
The great foresight, scientific development and continuous change and improvement are inexhaustible motive force for enterprise to continue moving forward. According to the unique characteristics of the enterprise and the employee, United Elevator tailored vital interests and common goals for enterprises and employees, making enterprise culture as the soul of the enterprise.

· People-oriented, respect for the development of diversity
As people-oriented, United Elevator provides an equal, harmonious, orderly business stage for each employee for full display, which stimulates the personal potential of employees, and makes people and business complement for each other in common development.

Enterprise service concept

market-oriented, customer first, quality and timely

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