Elevator safety knowledge quiz 2

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What should I do when the elevator falls down quickly?
Answer: the elevator down, you don't know when it will hit the ground, and will probably die body fractures fall. When you are faced with a line of life and death, every action you do now will determine whether or not your life or death. The best action to protect themselves when the elevator fall:
First, and no matter how many floors to press all the buttons for each floor, the elevator can immediately stop the fall;
Second, if the elevator has a handle, a hand grip to. You fixed the location, so it will not because the center of gravity and falls;
Third, the entire back with the head to the wall of the elevator, a straight line, the use of the elevator wall as a defense of the spine;
Fourth, knees bent posture. Because the ligament is the only body rich in elasticity of an organization, so the use of the knee bent to withstand the pressure, the greater than the use of bone to bear the pressure.

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